AirPlay disables audio jack peripherals [workaround available]


Using AirPlay to connect to an external monitor affects audio routing on the iPad and disables audio jack peripherals, including the magnetic stripe card readers and the Aila barcode scanner supported in Kiosk Pro Enterprise. If the peripheral is removed and reconnected to establish a new connection, AirPlay is immediately disabled.


Workaround available, requiring the use of a wired connection to the external screen using Apple's Digital AV Adapter to HDMI.


This issue appears to be the default behavior of iOS and appears in all versions we've tested to date. 

Possible Workarounds

Wired connections to an external screen do not appear to be directly affected so it is possible to use this type of peripheral in combination with an external screen through Apple's Digital AV Adapter to HDMI.

Future updates to iOS may change this behavior so we would recommend testing any updates on a dedicated test device before updating kiosks in the field.

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