What data is stored by the Remote Management Server?

All communication with the remote management server is encrypted and the server itself is secured with https:// certificates. 

The server collects heartbeats from the device containing basic device identifiers and status markers like memory available, event logs based on events at the kiosk like remote update of settings or power loss, and usage analytics. 

Usage analytics include a navigational log of each user session, which includes a start time, end time, and the URL and page title of any pages viewed during that session.  No logins or personal data are retained (unless these are passed into the URL by the site, which would be a security hole on the side of the website).  If preferred, usage analytics can be disabled in Kiosk Pro's settings by turning 'Send Visitor Session & Navigation Data > OFF. 

The server also has a server command that can be sent to trigger a screenshot of whatever is being displayed on the device. Since screenshots could contain personal data, it's possible to disable the option to trigger or view screenshots when setting up new users as a part of the role configuration. 

The remote management server can be used to update locally stored content and/or settings by uploading these files to the server and triggering an update.  Once uploaded, files are available through a public URL so we do not recommend using the server to update any files which might contain sensitive or private information.  No other content is stored by the server. 

The heartbeat data includes the device's timezone and IP address, but no other location data is collected.  Neither the app or the server support any type of geofencing.

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