Locking the device to Kiosk Pro

There are several ways to lock down your device to Kiosk Pro. This article compares each method to help you determine which one is the best choice for your project.

Guided Access

iOS/iPadOS functionality, works in:

Kiosk Pro Lite, Basic, Plus and Enterprise

The easiest method to use is Guided Access, an accessibility feature built into iOS and iPadOS. Guided Access will disable the device’s Home button and all multitasking gestures. Exiting Guided Access requires triple-clicking the Home button which brings up a passcode prompt.

It’s important to note that while Guided Access is enabled, pressing the Home button will cause a message to appear: “Guided Access is enabled. Triple-click the home button to exit.”

If the device is disconnected from power and the battery drains to 0%, the device will shut down.  When reconnected to power and rebooted, the device will return to the Home screen with Guided Access disabled. To return the device to a locked state, a staff member would need to relaunch the app and manually restart Guided Access.

How to set up Guided Access

Single App Mode

iOS/iPadOS functionality, works in:

Kiosk Pro Lite, Basic, Plus and Enterprise

Single App Mode is similar to Guided Access, but is not exited after a power drain reboot and will launch back into the app with Single App Mode still enabled. It also does not show an on-screen alert like Guided Access when the Home button is pressed.

Single App Mode requires the device be supervised. A standard Single App Mode session is started and ended either by physically syncing the device with a specific Mac using Configurator or remotely through a mobile device management (MDM) system.  

How to set up Single App Mode

Autonomous Single App Mode (ASAM)

Supported in:

Kiosk Pro Plus and Enterprise

Autonomous Single App Mode allows an app to start and end a Single App Mode session from within the app itself.   

By allowing the app to trigger the Single App Mode session, you can have a setup that enjoys the security of Single App Mode without having to lock and unlock the device manually by syncing with a specific Mac running Configurator or remotely through MDM, which can be problematic if the device drops WiFi during a session.

The app can be configured to launch an Autonomous Single App Mode session when it is launched, a session can be manually started from within the app's settings, or by using our JavaScript API.  

The session can be ended within the app's settings using a touch gesture and passcode, through a secondary passcode designed to allow a session to be ended without allowing access to the settings menu, or through our JavaScript API. 

For the app's request to start a session to be processed, Apple requires that the device be supervised and that a configuration profile with permission to execute an Autonomous Single App Mode session is installed through a mobile device management (MDM) system. 

How to set up Autonomous Single App Mode

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