iOS/iPadOS permission requests not being shown [workaround available]


We have recently become aware of a problem with iOS permissions relating to app lockdown modes - specifically if the device is running in Guided Access, Single App Mode, or Autonomous Single App Mode when the initial camera or microphone permission request would normally be made, that request is not shown on screen. At that point, even if you exit the lockdown mode and re-attempt the permission, it will not be shown.


Open. We've replicated the issue on other third-party apps so this doesn't appear to be specific to Kiosk Pro. We've submitted a bug report to Apple on this issue.

Possible Workaround

The only workaround we've been able to find is deleting and reinstalling the app, then triggering the permission request prior to placing the app into any of the lockdown modes mentioned. Once the permission has been granted, the device can then be locked down and the camera, microphone, etc. will continue to work as expected.

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