Group IDs

Supported in:

Kiosk Pro Plus and Enterprise

Apply identifiers to groups of kiosks. Label each device with up to six shared identifiers.

Default Value: [empty]

We highly recommend setting a Unique iPad ID when you set up your kiosks, regardless of whether you see an immediate need for it. Once a Unique iPad ID is set, you can then use it later to add or modify Group IDs on specific devices through a Remote Settings Control update as needed.

We recommend using an ID set in lowercase without spaces or special characters as these can trigger an error in certain use cases. As an example, correctly-formatted identifiers would include:

  • texas
  • texas-locations
  • 28

Group IDs can be used in the following ways:

As a variable in other app settings

In Plus and Enterprise, each Group ID can be used as a variable in the app's settings by inserting ‘$GroupID#$’ (so ‘$GroupID1$’, ‘$GroupID2$’, etc., capitalized and spaced as shown, without the single quotes). This can be used to customize a URL for Remote Settings Control or to use a Group ID as the secondary identifier Unit ID when using the remote management server. More information is available here.

To apply specific settings to a group of devices

Group IDs can be used in combination with our Remote Settings Control .xml file to apply specific settings to a group of devices, without the need to list devices individually. More information is available here.

To identify which group is accessing your content

Group IDs can be accessed through our JavaScript API, allowing you to customize your page or tag data based on that identifier. More information is available here.

Values for Remote Settings Control & Managed App Configuration

Key for Group 1 kp_substitutionVariableValue_0
Key for Group 2 kp_substitutionVariableValue_1
Key for Group 3 kp_substitutionVariableValue_2
Key for Group 4 kp_substitutionVariableValue_3
Key for Group 5 kp_substitutionVariableValue_4
Key for Group 6 kp_substitutionVariableValue_5
Key Type string
Default Value [empty]

Change Log

  • Added in version 6.6

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