Loading & Default Background Color (RGB) or Image

Supported In:

Kiosk Pro Basic, Plus and Enterprise

Allows you to set the color or image shown while pages are loading. Using this setting, you can match the background or color scheme of your content, making transitions between pages more seamless.

Default: 255,255,255 (white)

If a page does not have a background defined, this will apply to the page background. If changing this setting from the default white background, make sure that pages in your content that do not have a background color/image explicitly defined will have adequate contrast on the new background. For example, if you set the background to black and then attempt to display a page with black text without a background color set, you would not be able to read the text.


The color must be set in RGB decimal format, separated by commas. This setting will not accept hexadecimal format. An extensive list of colors in RGB decimal format is available here.


Images must be locally stored in JPG or PNG format. If you are using a single image file as a background across multiple pages, you can also use the same image file for a loading background, which should significantly decrease any loading flicker you might otherwise see.

If the image file is smaller than the screen, the image will automatically repeat horizontally and vertically to fill the screen.

Values for Remote Settings Control & Managed App Configuration

Key pageReloadBackgroundColor
Key Type string
Default Value 255,255,255
  • 0,0,0 = black
  • photo.png = path to a local image file

Change Log

  • Added in version 1.1. Added support for images in 6.5.1

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