Page Transition Style for PDF Display

Supported In:

Kiosk Pro Basic, Plus and Enterprise

Allows you to define how PDF files can be navigated in Kiosk Pro.

Default Value:
  • Scroll
Other Possible Values:
  • Hyperlink Only
  • Page Turn


This option allows pages to slide across the viewport using the swipe gestures. The scroll direction can be configured using the Scroll Orientation setting.

Hyperlink Only

This mode relies completely on links embedded within your .pdf to navigate and will not respond to the traditional swipe gestures used in the other page transition styles. While this can make it easier to develop content in PDF format that looks and feels more like a kiosk application and less like a document, it is important that you check to make sure navigational links are available on every page as there is no other way for the visitor to move forward.

A sample .pdf designed to be navigated via 'Hyperlink Only' mode and created in Adobe InDesign can be viewed by clicking here. To download the original .indd file and screenshots showing the process of adding links in InDesign, click here.

Additionally if the navigation bar is turned on, an icon consisting of 4 squares will appear when a .pdf is displayed. Touching this icon will switch the visitor to a multi-page view allowing them to see larger thumbnails of several pages at once. These larger thumbnails are also linked to the page they represent and touching one will navigate the user to that page.

Page Turn

This option simulates turning pages in a book by using the swipe gestures. The page turn direction can be configured using the Scroll Orientation setting. 

Values for Remote Settings Control & Managed App Configuration

Key pdfScrollingType
Key Type integer
Default Value 0
Possible Values
  • 0 = Scroll (default)
  • 1 = Page Turn
  • 2 = Hyperlink Only

Change Log

  • Added in version 2.2. Added 'Hyperlink Only' transition mode in version 3.1.
  • Deprecated 'Page Turn' transition style to legacy support only in version 10.1, 'Page Turn' transition style is being resupported in version 11.0.

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