Removed: Sleep in Night Mode

Removed in version 10.0.1 as the specific type of local notifications it relied on have been deprecated in newer versions of iOS and iPadOS.  Previously deprecated in Kiosk Pro as of version 7.7. 

Previously supported in Enterprise version

Using the Night Mode feature, you can make the iPad enter a true sleep state. While in a true sleep state, the device turns off the LED backlight completely, which further reduces the power needs of the device.

At the scheduled wake time, Kiosk Pro begins pushing notifications to the screen, requiring a staff member or user to "swipe to unlock" the device, at which point the app reloads the homepage and is ready for use.

To schedule sleep, the Dim setting must start with 'Sleep'. For example, Sleep Monday 16:00 or Sleep Daily 19:00.

At the scheduled wake time, Kiosk Pro begins to send recurring push notifications to the screen to wake from the sleep cycle. The screen shows the standard unlock screen with the incoming notifications from the app. To fully wake the kiosk, a user must do the standard 'swipe to unlock' gesture.

Since push notifications are not compatible with Guided Access or Single App Mode, neither is an option when using Night Mode with Sleep.

For true sleep, Auto-Lock must be enabled in the iPad's general settings (recommended setting > 2 minutes) and turned Off in Kiosk Pro's settings (under Power Management). Kiosk Pro will then temporarily disable Auto-Lock during wake periods and allow it during a sleep period, allowing the device to achieve a true sleep state.

Note: We do not recommend using true sleep on an iPad running iOS 8 or later, as the lock screen with notifications can potentially allow visitors to escape into other apps.

As waking from true sleep requires push notifications to the screen, this type of notification must be allowed when requested through the iOS and is triggered when turning on Night Mode. You can check if Kiosk Pro has the correct permissions by going into the device Settings > Notifications and checking to see that Kiosk Pro Enterprise is listed and has alert permissions enabled (not just banner permissions).

It is not possible for an app to request this type of permission more than once every 24 hours so if you deny the permission when the pop-up is shown initially, the iOS requires that you wait at least 24 hours (or manipulate the date/time settings on the device to simulate such a delay) before it can be triggered again to allow it.

Push notifications are not allowed while the device is in Guided Access; if you are using a device running iOS 8 or later, we do not recommend using this true sleep mode (as there is then no way to prevent a user from exiting through the Notifications menu at the top of the screen).

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