Generate API Functions File

Supported In:

Kiosk Pro Basic, Plus and Enterprise

Generate a copy of the 'kiosk_functions.js' file based on the current version of the app. This file is required when accessing the JavaScript API by import.

To generate the file, tap 'Create kiosk_functions.js' in the top right of the panel. The file will be created and stored in Kiosk Pro's documents folder.

If your project is stored locally on the device, you can leave the file in the documents folder and reference it with a relative filepath from that location.

If your project is hosted online, you'll need to pull the file from the documents folder (instructions on how to transfer files to and from the device available here) and host it with the other files on your server. (For security reasons, Apple doesn't make it possible for remotely stored webpages to access locally stored files or other assets.)

Change Log

Added in version 7.5

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