Using custom link commands

You can use custom link commands to trigger specific Kiosk Pro actions, such as returning to your homepage or refreshing the page. These links can be added to your own content, used in your JavaScript, or used with Kiosk Pro's Quick Links feature or Custom Navigation Bar.

Available link commands:

  • kiosk://back - navigate to the previously viewed page.
  • kiosk://forward - navigate to the next viewed page in your history.
  • kiosk://home - return to the homepage.
  • kiosk://print - print the current page (supported in Basic, Plus and Enterprise.) This mimics the Print Icon.
  • kiosk://multipage - show a multipage view of the current PDF (supported in Basic, Plus and Enterprise). This mimics the PDF Multipage Icon.  Note: we recommend only using this link when the majority of your content is in PDF format.
  • kiosk://refresh - refresh the current page.
  • kiosk://newTab?url= - open a window in a new tab (supported in Plus & Enterprise). For example, kiosk://newTab?url=

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