Tabbing through form inputs is disabled [UIWebView only]


When using the UIWebView browser, quick tabbing through form inputs often results in a crash of the app. This is most frequently seen when using an external keyboard accessory and the tab key. 

This is a known issue that was introduced in iOS 8, affecting not only Kiosk Pro, but any other apps that use the UIWebView browser (one of the iOS browser components third-party apps are required to use by Apple).


Since this bug is caused by a part of the iOS operating system, it's not something we're able to address directly and we have filed a bug report with Apple on this issue.

To prevent crashing, we have disabled tabbing when using the UIWebView browser. While this can be re-enabled through a hidden XML-only setting through Remote Settings Control, doing so does put your kiosk at risk of crashing.

If you want to support tabbing through form inputs, we recommend using the WKWebView browser engine.


This issue affects devices running:

  • iOS 8 and later


Use the default WKWebView browser engine.

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