XML Only Settings


Generate Unique iPad ID

This setting allows you to assign a Unique iPad ID to a device remotely if, for example, you deployed kiosks without setting a Unique iPad ID in Kiosk Pro settings or if you accidentally wiped a Unique iPad ID with the remote settings .xml file.

Documentation for this setting is available here.

Allow Tabbing Between Inputs in UIWebView

Previously known as "Enable Drop-down Menus Fix" with different functionality.

This setting allows you to disable tabbing between input fields in a form, which compensates for a bug with UIWebView introduced in iOS 8 where quickly tabbing through form fields can cause the app to crash.

Default: On

Reload Browser After Sleep

This setting fixes an issue with the WKWebView browser crashing from low memory while the app is inactive (for example, when the screen is turned off through the use of  Enable Auto-Lock).

While the app is in an inactive state (as when the screen is turned off), iOS does not send notifications of WKWebView crash so the app is unable to automatically reload as it otherwise would. As there are other conditions that make the app inactive (such as showing the Control Panel to connect to AirPlay or adjust volume), we're unable to simply automatically reload every time the app makes this type of shift.

Default: Off

When this setting is enabled and the app shifts from an inactive state to an active state (as when the screen is turned on again), Kiosk Pro will check to see if a title is defined (to confirm if a page is being displayed instead of a blank screen due to a potential crash), and if not, Kiosk Pro will reload the homepage. Since we can't assume that a page always has a title, this setting is turned off by default.

This setting can be toggled individually by using the following XML files with Remote Settings Control:

If your content does not have a <title> element set in the header of every page, or if the screen freezes/is unresponsive after coming back from an inactive state, you can use the following XML files with Remote Settings Control to always reload the homepage:

MercuryPay Server List

This list defines the server URL's Kiosk Pro attempts to contact when sending a transaction through the MercuryPay API.

Important: Do not alter this list unless specifically instructed to do so by Kiosk Pro or MercuryPay’s support team.

Default: w1.mercurypay.com/ws/ws.asmx;https://w2.backuppay.com/ws/ws.asmx

Autofill > Delay

This setting allows you to add a delay after the page load event is triggered before the app attempts to fill any Autofill credentials, which can be useful in situations where fields are dynamically generated or otherwise not available immediately on page load. 

Default: 0 (seconds)

Allow UIWebView Alerts

This setting allows you to prevent alerts designed to notify you of UIWebView's December 2020 removal deadline.

Default: On

Remote Settings Control & Managed App Configuration Values
  • Key: _kp_isUIWebViewRemovalWarningAllowed
  • Key Type: boolean
  • Default Value: true

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