Setting up iOS or iPadOS Restrictions

Using Content & Privacy Restrictions as part of the iPad's Screen Time feature, you can limit specific apps and features on your kiosk. This can be helpful if you're using Kiosk Pro in an unsupervised setting, where users may be able to access more than just the Kiosk Pro app. We generally recommend restricting any unnecessary apps as well as purchases through the App Store.

In addition to using Content & Privacy Restrictions, it's also possible to add additional restrictions to supervised devices using Apple's Configurator software or remotely through a mobile device management (MDM) solution.

Enable Content & Privacy Restrictions

  1. Open the iPad Settings and select Screen Time in the sidebar. If a summary window appears, tap Continue, otherwise tap Turn On Screen Time.
  2. On the "Is this iPad for Yourself or Your Child?" screen, tap This is My iPad.
  3. The Screen Time menu will appear. Tap Use Screen Time Passcode to set a passcode. This will require entering your Apple ID credentials to use as a backup if you forget your passcode.
  4. Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  5. Toggle Content & Privacy Restrictions = On.

To disable Content & Privacy Restrictions, navigate back to this menu, or turn off Screen Time from the main Screen Time menu. You will need to enter your passcode in both instances.

If you choose to enable Content & Privacy Restrictions, please consider that you or someone at your organization may need to disable it in the future to update the app or make other changes on the device. Recording the passcode - either on the physical device or in another secure location - can save headaches down the road. Turning off Content & Privacy Restrictions without the passcode requires a factory restore of the device, which means you will have to redownload any apps installed and any app data, including settings, would be lost.

You can find additional information about Content & Privacy Restrictions on Apple's site.

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