What is Kiosk Pro's URL scheme?

You can use a URL scheme to open Kiosk Pro from another app, like Safari. Using a URL scheme will launch the app normally, showing the settings menu or the Homepage, depending on how you've set the Show Settings feature. The URL schemes are: 
  • Lite = kioskprolite://
  • Basic = kioskprobasic://
  • Plus = kioskproplus://
  • Enterprise on iTunes kioskproenterpriseapp://
  • Enterprise through B2B = kioskproenterprise://

Launch with a specific URL or filepath (Plus and Enterprise only)

To show a page other than the Homepage when the app is launched, you can use the parameter startWithURL= For example:

  • kioskproplus://?startWithURL=https://google.com - opens Google
  • kioskproplus://?startWithURL=gallery.pdf - opens a local file in the Kiosk Pro documents folder named "gallery.pdf"

Calling the app to display a specific page is not a substitute for setting a standard Homepage in Kiosk Pro settings. When using this parameter, you must already have a Homepage set, otherwise a blank screen will be displayed.

When the kiosk refreshes via a timer or navigates to the homepage, the URL or filepath set as the Homepage will be displayed instead of the page set in the URL scheme parameter.


While we've implemented some automatic handling of special characters within a URL or filepath, if you experience a problem during execution of the URL scheme, we recommend double-checking the URL or filepath for errors. If that doesn't fix the issue, you most likely need to convert special characters to the equivalent escape sequences manually, using the following table:

! %21
* %2A
' %27
|" %22
( %28
) %29
; %3B
: %3A
@ %40
& %26
= %3D
+ %2B
$ %24
, %2C
/ %2F
? %3F
% %25
# %23
[ %5B
] %5D
% %25

For example, in this case:

would be converted to:

  • http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F%3Fq%3Dawesome

Finally, if Kiosk Pro finds any parameters that it does not recognize as its own, it will append them to the end of the URL provided in the 'startWithURL' parameter. For example, in this case:

  • kioskproplus://?q=awesome&startWithURL=http://www.google.com

would be converted to:

  • kioskproplus://?startWithURL=http://www.google.com/?q=awesome

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