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Supported In:

Kiosk Pro Lite, Basic, Plus and Enterprise

Choose when to show the app's settings menu. This is useful for deployments where you need to restrict access to the settings by staff or for use cases that involve switching between apps.

The current value for this setting is also shown in the main iOS/iPadOS settings for the app for troubleshooting access to app settings, but is read-only in that location and cannot be edited for security purposes. 

Default Value:
  • On App Launch or Relaunch from Background
Other Possible Values:
  • On Touch Gesture and Passcode
  • Never

On App Launch or Relaunch from Background

By default, Kiosk Pro's settings menu is shown when the app is launched or when it is relaunched after being sent to the background using the Home button, Home indicator, four-finger pinch gesture, or the device going into a sleep state.  

Note: Sleep can be triggered by positioning one or more magnets at specific points on an iPad's bezel (due to the intended functionality of Apple's magnetic covers) As such, we do not recommend the use of this option on devices in public use unless magnetic shutdown has been disabled in iOS/iPadOS settings.  The option to disable magnetic lock is only shown in iOS settings once the device has been successfully locked magnetically. This is more of a concern on older iPads as the screen could be locked by a single magnet - more recent iPads require multiple magnets at specific points. 

On Touch Gesture and Passcode

This option makes Kiosk Pro launch directly into the presentation. App settings will only be accessible by using a touch gesture and entering a Passcode.

To access the app settings while the presentation is running, place four fingers on the screen (two on each side) and hold your fingers there until a passcode prompt appears (about one second).  Aim for the shaded areas, pictured below, that run the full top-to-bottom length of the screen along either edge. 

If you are having trouble triggering the prompt, try placing two fingers on either strip on the screen by making a 'C' or a pincher with the index and thumb of each hand, and hold them in place until the passcode prompt comes up. This should take about 1 second - do not move or lift off until the prompt is showing. 

The passcode prompt will automatically disappear after a short period in case it has been accidentally triggered by a visitor and left open.

If you accidentally set Show Settings = "On Touch Gesture and Passcode", the passcode is empty by default, so you can just tap 'OK' when the passcode prompt appears.


You can set in-app settings to never show. If you do not have Remote Settings Control (available in Basic, Plus, or Enterprise only) or Managed App Configuration (available in Plus, or Enterprise only) enabled and correctly configured, you will not be able to change Kiosk Pro's settings without deleting the app and re-installing.

Values for Remote Settings Control & Managed App Configuration

Key settingsShowingOption
Key Type integer
Default Value 0
Possible Values
  • 0 = On App Launch or Relaunch from Background
  • 1 = Never
  • 2 = On Touch Gesture & Passcode

Change Log

  • Included in version 1.0. Added ability to view current setting configuration in read-only view in main iOS/iPadOS settings for the app in version 10.1

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