Accessing settings & in-app help

By default, the Kiosk Pro settings menu will be displayed when the app is launched. You can change when the app settings menu appears using the Show Settings feature.

There are a few different types of settings:

  • Toggle - these can be turned On or Off.
  • Options - these have preset options to choose from by tapping the option shown on the right.
  • Input - these allow you to enter text by tapping next to the setting name.
  • Sub-Menu - these display an arrow on the right, and selecting the sub-menu will navigate to settings specific to that feature.
  • API - settings that start with "API" are links to our Knowledge Base with more information on how to use the JavaScript API feature.

Additional information about each setting can be accessed by touching the 'i' icon to the left of the setting name.

You can access our entire knowledge base at any time by touching 'Need Help?' in the top right corner of the settings menu or by visiting

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