Which thermal printers are supported?

Kiosk Pro Enterprise includes support for certain Star Micronics & Bixolon thermal receipt printers. Depending on the model selected, there are options to use traditional thermal paper rolls, standard lined label stock with black mark detection, or linerless label stock.

Star Micronics

Kiosk Pro Enterprise has been tested with the following Star Micronics printers:

  • TSP654
  • TSP700
  • TSP800
  • TSP143
  • mPOP
  • mC-Print2
  • mC-Print3

For more information about specific printers, you can visit the Star Micronics website.

If you've purchased our Remote Management Server, you can also receive alerts if the Star printer becomes jammed or low on paper.

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Kiosk Pro Enterprise supports the following Bixolon printers:

SPP-R220 SPP-R300 SPP-R310
SPP-R400 SPP-R410 SPP-R418
SRP-350plusIII SRP-352plusIII SRP-350III
SRP-F313II SRP-380 SRP-382
SRP-383 SRP-330II SRP-332II
SRP-S300 SRP-340II SRP-342II
SRP-275III SRP-Q300 SRP-Q302
SRP-QE300 SRP-QE302 SRP-E300
SRP-E302 SRP-Q200

For more information about specific printers, you can visit the Bixolon website.

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Custom America

Support for Custom America printers has been deprecated in version 10.0 due to Custom's decision to stop manufacturing the Bluetooth dongles required to connect their printers to an iOS/iPadOS device. While the necessary settings and API calls to print to a Custom America printer remain in the app under Advanced Settings, they may be removed in the future and we do not recommend implementing them in new projects.

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