Using Kiosk Pro with an external screen

You can connect Kiosk Pro to an external monitor using either AirPlay over WiFi to an Apple TV or one of Apple's Lightning Digital AV Adapters that connect directly via HDMI cable. Note: Our JavaScript API is not guaranteed to work if using a third-party AV adapter.

If using AirPlay, we recommend having a dedicated WiFi network for the Apple TV and the iPad - if other iOS devices are allowed on the network, they can easily switch the AirPlay source for the Apple TV, interrupting your presentation.

Mirroring the iPad screen

You can use the native mirroring available in the iPad 2 and above to mirror the iPad's screen directly onto an external monitor. 

You should be aware that this option uses black bars on the right and left of the display to fill the screen (as the iPad is a 4:3 aspect ratio and most monitors are a wider 16:9). In addition, on some monitors smaller black bars are shown above and below the content; this is an issue with iOS mirroring that is well documented online and that we unfortunately cannot provide support for.

Video mirroring only consists of audio and video mirroring to the larger screen, which would mean touch events would not be supported on the larger device.

Showing content full-screen on external screen

Support for full-screen HDMI and AirPlay out is available in our Enterprise version, which allows you to show different content on each display. You can use the iPad as a controller and the external monitor as the display, showing .html pages, .pdf files or multimedia (images or video).

Direct mirroring of the iPad's screen is not currently supported; as 4:3 monitors are increasingly rare and not available in larger sizes it is problematic to offer full-screen direct mirroring, but it is still possible to use the iPad's native mirroring if this functionality is needed.

Note that as there is no support for touch input from the external display, all navigation must be available from the iPad through the use of custom JavaScript calls to display various pieces of content on the external display.

We have assumed that any .html pages or multimedia will be sized to fit on a single page, but have built in calls for navigation through multipage PDFs. We have also included JavaScript calls to notify your code at the end of a video to allow you to decide what to show at that point.

JavaScript API Documentation

Can I interact with a website on an external screen?

There is no way for an iPad to respond to touch gestures on a secondary external display, even if that display is touch-sensitive.

If you are using our Lite, Basic or Plus versions which rely on the native iOS mirroring to show the same content on an external monitor, you would simply interact with the site directly on the iPad or trigger the animation/modification directly in your .html code.

If you are using the JavaScript API in our Enterprise version to send separate .html content to the screen, you could use the API to send a new version of the page to the screen or to send a JavaScript command that would be executed on the existing page.

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