App Permissions

Depending on your kiosk project, Kiosk Pro may require permission to use an iOS features on your device.

Permissions it may ask for include:

  • Bluetooth - used to communicate with thermal kiosk printers, card readers, and/or other Bluetooth peripherals.
  • Device camera - used to take pictures and video and/or to scan barcodes through the JavaScript API.
  • Location data - allows access to the coordinates of the device through our JavaScript API and/or to return the location to Square as required for payments.
  • Microphone - used to record audio for video and/or to communicate with peripherals that connect through the audio jack.
  • Accelerometer - used to detect when the iPad is physically moved for reporting and/or notifications.
  • Photo libary - used to upload images from your library or store new images.

The first time Kiosk Pro needs to use an iOS feature a window will appear on-screen asking if the app can have permission.

Touching "OK" will dismiss the window and you will be able to continue navigating your content. If "Don't Allow" is pressed, the feature will not be accessible.

If "Don't Allow" was chosen accidentally, you can change which apps have permission to iOS features in the device settings under the Privacy section.

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