Managed App Configuration - Settings Templates

Managed App Configuration allows users to configure app settings remotely through a Mobile Device Management (MDM) portal.

Certain MDM providers allow you to define your settings using an .xml file in the format used for these templates (rather than entering individual key-value pairs). 

As of our version 11.0 release, we do not recommend manually creating settings files based on a template, but instead recommend exporting these files from a configured version of the app. This approach prevents errors due to formatting or incorrectly-entered values.

If required, you can create a new template file from the current version of the app by deleting the app and downloading a fresh install, which will return all values to their default configuration, and then exporting the file. 

If your MDM requires you to enter settings as individual inputs, a separate list of keys, value types, and default values for each setting in Plus and Enterprise is maintained here.  You can also export a file of only settings that have changed from their default value to enter in manually. 

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