Remote Settings Control - XML Templates

In our 10.4 update, we updated our default XML format for Remote Settings Control to meet current best practices, which means the resulting files are easier to understand and construct as well as more succinct, reducing overall file size. 

PLEASE NOTE: The legacy format will continue to be supported in new versions of the app moving forward, but the new format is not backward compatible with versions of Kiosk Pro prior to 10.4. If you have kiosks in the field on older versions of the app, you will need to use the legacy format. More information is available here.

As of our version 11.0 release, we do not recommend manually creating settings files based on a template, but instead recommend exporting these files from a configured version of the app. This approach prevents errors due to formatting or incorrectly-entered values.

If required, you can create a new template file from the current version of the app by deleting the app and downloading a fresh install, which will return all values to their default configuration, and then exporting the file. 

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