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This portion of our JavaScript API allows you to use location services on the device.  - specifically, to check if the JavaScript API is available to be called, to control your content based on the device’s orientation, to access the location coordinates of your device, and to access the Unique ID set in Kiosk Pro settings.

Access the location coordinates of your device

You can access the location coordinates of the device through a JavaScript API call or though a JavaScript variable that Kiosk Pro inserts in your page. App settings allow you define when location checks occur, which can affect the amount of power your kiosk uses.

Location coordinates are requested from the iOS operating system. Depending available services, iOS Location Services uses a combination of cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth signals to determine your location. If using a device equipped with GPS, specifically iPads with a cellular data plan and iPhones, these signals will also be used, providing more accurate location data.

Coordinates are only available if the app has been given permission to access Location Services, which can be checked under iOS Settings > Privacy > Location Services. When the app first attempts to access location data, a special system alert will pop up requesting permission to access Location Services. You must grant this permission for the app to be able to access and return location data.

If the app is set to Check Location Coordinates = Continuously & On JavaScript API Request, it will pull location data from the device once a minute and compares it to the previous location data. If a change in location is detected, Kiosk Pro supports a special callback to notify your page of that change.

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Display content based on proximity to an iBeacon

iBeacon is a Bluetooth advertising protocol designed by Apple, with native support in iOS. Kiosk Pro’s iBeacon navigation integration allows you to display a specific piece of content based on the device’s proximity to an iBeacon. This allows you to create a location-aware interactive presentation.

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Advertise your device as a beacon

iBeacon is a Bluetooth advertising protocol designed by Apple, with native support in iOS. Kiosk Pro’s iBeacon advertising integration allows you to advertise your device as an iBeacon while also displaying content for visitor use. This makes it possible for the app to support contextual, location-aware experiences through another app on a visitor’s personal device or through Kiosk Pro on another iPad without requiring additional iBeacon hardware.

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