WebRTC & getUserMedia not supported


As some background, Kiosk Pro is based on Apple's WKWebView and UIWebView browser components, which can be selected in the app's Browser Engine setting. Apple requires all third-party apps accessing web-based content to use one of these browser components, which are a part of the iOS operating system and are updated with the iOS. We use these underlying browser components to make web requests, render content, and execute JavaScript.

Browser-based features like getUserMedia, which uses WebRTC, are part of the underlying WebView browser components and not something we are able to implement directly.


While Apple added support for WebRTC to mobile Safari in iOS 11, they did not extend support to either of the WebView components. This Apple Developer forum thread confirms the problem. The Developer Relations team did not include a timeline for adding support in WebView so we're not sure if this is something that Kiosk Pro will be able to support in the future.

We've submitted a Radar to Apple requesting that this functionality be added to WKWebView based on previous requests from users. If you'd like to submit one separately, which we would highly encourage as this type of request appears to increase in urgency based on request volume, you can do so here - this page says that submitting bugs requires a Developer account, but you should be able to just sign in and use any Apple ID.

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