UIWebView: Removal Planned

Update as of October 8, 2020: While Apple did move forward with the April 2020 deadline for new apps, they have announced that they would be extending the date which they will no longer accept updates containing UIWebView has been extended "beyond the end of 2020. We’ll let you know when a new deadline is confirmed."  

In line with our initial announcement, Kiosk Pro will continue to support UIWebView as long as it is possible to do so and will update this article with more information as it becomes available.

Previously: Apple has recently announced that they will no longer accept app updates that include the UIWebView browser component as of December 2020.  New apps using UIWebView will no longer be accepted as of April 2020, which will affect new custom B2B versions of Kiosk Pro only. 

Kiosk Pro will continue to support UIWebView as an option in the Browser Engine setting until this requirement is enforced. WKWebView, which has been the app's default Browser Engine since December 2016, will continue to be supported moving forward.

If you are currently using UIWebView, we encourage you to begin testing with the WKWebView browser component immediately. After testing, if there is a specific reason that you are unable to transition to WKWebView, please contact our support team.

We’ll be working over the next few months to address as many issues as possible and submitting issues we can’t address directly to Apple.

To make sure existing users are aware of this transition, we’ve adding alerts that appear when the app is launched and UIWebView is set as the current browser engine. These alerts will be shown a maximum of three times per device and can be suppressed via an XML-only setting if desired. An alert will also be shown when the Browser Engine setting is changed to UIWebView.

If you require additional time beyond the December 2020 deadline to transition your existing kiosks, we recommend delaying any app updates occurring after this deadline until you are ready to transition.  

We also offer custom B2B versions of the app that update only on request. As these versions are considered new apps, they are subject to the April 2020 deadline mentioned above and must be submitted and approved prior to that deadline.  Any updates requested after the December 2020 deadline would, by necessity, remove support for UIWebView.

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