Passcode for App Settings

Supported In:

Kiosk Pro Lite, Basic, Plus and Enterprise

The passcode protects the Kiosk Pro settings when Show Settings is set to "On Touch Gesture and Passcode".

Default Value: [empty]

While we suggest a 4 digit code for simplicity, the passcode field can validate a much longer string (up to 30 characters) and accepts both numbers and letters (which are case-sensitive), allowing you to create a more secure passcode if needed.

This passcode is not recoverable for security reasons. If you lose or forget the passcode, you will need to either reset it using Remote Settings Control (available in Basic, Plus, or Enterprise) or Managed App Configuration (available in Plus or Enterprise) or delete and reinstall the app to regain access to the settings menu.

If you accidentally set Show Settings to 'On Touch Gesture and Passcode', the passcode is empty by default, so you can tap 'OK' when the passcode prompt appears.

Values for Remote Settings Control & Managed App Configuration

Key settingsPassCode
Key Type string
Default Value [empty]
Possible Values any alphanumeric string up to 30 characters in length

Change Log

  • Included in version 1.0

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