Schedule Night Mode

Create a daily or weekly schedule for Night Mode.

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Wake & Dim

Supported in:

Kiosk Pro Plus and Enterprise

Each Wake/Dim field can be set with a time using the 24-hour clock system. For example, to wake your kiosk at 9 am and dim your kiosk at 5 pm, you can set Wake to 9:00 and Dim to 17:00.

Default Values: [empty]

Note: If you launch your kiosk presentation during a scheduled dim period, Kiosk Pro assumes you do not want to enter Night Mode for that period (as it would be potentially confusing to a user to launch the kiosk in a dimmed state) and will wait until the next scheduled dim period to engage.

Night Mode is based on the device's internal clock. If your schedule is inaccurate, double-check that the time on your device is correct.

Creating a daily schedule

By default, Wake/Dim times will be run every day, but you can also use the word "Daily" to make this more clear. For example, to wake your kiosk at 9 am every day, you can set Daily 09:00.

Creating a weekly schedule

To schedule Night Mode for specific days, you can add the day of the week in front of the time. For example, to dim your kiosk at 3 PM on Tuesday, you can set Tuesday 15:00 as your Dim time.

Please note that 'Daily' cannot be combined with different times for other days of the week. If you need six days of the week on one schedule and the other day on a different schedule, you will need to program each day individually.

Values for Remote Settings Control & Managed App Configuration

Key for Pair 1 Wake time_0
Key for Pair 1 Dim time_1
Key for Pair 2 Wake time_2
Key for Pair 2 Dim time_3
Key for Pair 3 Wake time_4
Key for Pair 3 Dim time_5
Key for Pair 4 Wake time_6
Key for Pair 4 Dim time_7
Key for Pair 5 Wake time_8
Key for Pair 5 Dim time_9
Key for Pair 6 Wake time_10
Key for Pair 6 Dim time_11
Key for Pair 7 Wake time_12
Key for Pair 7 Dim time_13
Key for Pair 8 Wake time_14
Key for Pair 8 Dim time_15
Key Type string
Default Value [empty]

Show Schedule

Supported in:

The 'Show Schedule' button in the top right corner allows you to generate a file showing the next 50 Dim/Wake periods based on the schedule currently configured. This can be helpful to confirm that a complex schedule has been set correctly or to troubleshoot a problem.

When selected, the app will generate a text file called '_sleep_scheduling_.txt' in the '_com.kioskgroup.application.logs_' folder in the Kiosk Pro documents folder. It can be accessed by via iTunes or by sending a troubleshooting log to your own email.

Wake/Dim times are shown as complete date and timestamps in the timezone set on the device. Dim periods are marked with a 'd' preceding the timestamp; Sleep period are marked with an 's'.

The following screenshot shows a schedule where the kiosk is configured to be available for use on Mondays from 09:00 to 17:00 and on Tuesdays from 09:30 to 17:30 and dimmed the remainder of the week.

Change Log

  • Included in version 1.0. Added the ability to set a weekly schedule in version 1.4

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