Enable Auto-Lock

Feature supported in:

Plus and Enterprise versions

Note: Enabling Auto-Lock is not recommended when using the Night Mode or Screensaver features.

Allow Kiosk Pro to respect the Auto-Lock timer configured in the iOS/iPadOS settings to put the device into a sleep state.

Default: Off

The Auto-Lock setting can be configured in iOS/iPadOS settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock. If Auto-Lock is set to 'Never' in the iOS/iPadOS settings, the device will not go to sleep, regardless of Kiosk Pro settings.

Using a tablet enclosure

When using a device with a Home button, there is no way to wake the device in an enclosure without pressing the Home or Power button.

As an alternate solution in the Plus and Enterprise versions, the Reduce Screen Brightness & Apply Reduce Screen Brightness settings allow the device to dim to the minimum possible brightness when idle. When a visitor touches the screen it returns to the previously set brightness level. As the screen is still on, this does not result in the same power savings as actually putting the device to sleep using Auto-Lock, but can extend battery life significantly.

Values for Remote Update

Used in Remote Settings Control & Managed App Configuration

Key allowAutoLock
Key Type boolean
Default Value false

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