Can I control which apps are shown on the device's Home screen?

There are a few ways you can approach this problem depending on the needs of your project: 

Using an App

To be clear, it is not possible for an app (like Kiosk Pro) to control what is displayed on the iOS Home screen.

With that said, it's often possible to provide a similar experience to visitors through webpages using Kiosk Pro. Kiosk Pro is a specifalized web browser and is designed to present web-friendly content and media as a customized kiosk app. You would need to find or design webpages that provides a similar function or experience to the apps you wanted to use and then create a homepage with links to these pages. In this scenario, the iPad is set up to keep Kiosk Pro open and running at all times, preventing access to the device's home screen and settings.  

Using iOS Restrictions

iOS does allow a user to manually set up specific restrictions on how a device is used, which are enabled and protected with a specific passcode.   Using the menu found under iOS Settings > General > Restrictions you can disable certain apps, including mobile Safari and the camera.  When using restrictions, there are a number of pre-installed Apple apps that it's not possible to hide or delete permanently.  

Restrictions also allow you to prevent deletion of current apps and/or installation of new apps from the App Store.  More on setting up restrictions  here

Using a Configuration Profile on a Supervised Device

In iOS 9.3, Apple added new options to their configuration profiles that allow you to whitelist specific apps so that only the apps listed are shown and able to launch.  It's currently possible to block all preinstalled Apple apps except for Settings and Phone (which is not applicable to iPad or iPod devices).  

The new configuration profile options also allow you to arrange home screen layout, locking apps into specific positions and preventing deletion.  

Both whitelisting and home screen layout require that a device be supervised to ensure that it is corporate-owned.  More on these configuration profiles (including samples for both whitelisting and home screen layout) is available on the Enterprise iOS forum  here

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