Troubleshooting: Accessing App Settings

To start off, we highly recommend users document all of the information needed to set up their kiosks.  If this is a project you've inherited, you may want to ask around to see if anything like that exists.  If not, this is a great opportunity to make life easier for the next person who inherits the project (or even yourself in six months when you've forgotten exactly how everything fits together) by creating this file yourself.  

Kiosk Pro's settings are not available through the iOS Settings menu. App settings can be controlled through in-app settings and/or through the Remote Settings Control feature.

Kiosk Pro allows you to choose how the in-app settings are accessed using the Show Settings feature. By default, the settings are shown when the app is launched, but this may have been changed on the iPad you are using.

Start by holding two fingers on each side of the screen to see if a passcode prompt appears - this takes approximately one second.  If showing the settings 'On Touch Gesture and Passcode' is configured, the passcode prompt will show while you are still touching the screen: 

If whoever configured the device set a passcode, you'll now need to enter that to get into the app settings.  By default, the passcode is blank, so if you are not sure if a passcode has been set, you can try just tapping "OK" without entering anything in the passcode field. 

If that doesn't work (or the passcode prompt doesn't show up), the settings are set to never show, meaning you'll need to delete (long-press the app icon until all icons start wiggling, then tap the 'x' in the corner of the icon to delete) and re-install the app to get back into settings.  Please note that deleting the app will delete the existing settings so you should attempt to find a configured device you can get into or be prepared to create a new set of settings if you go this route.

iTunes keeps a record of purchases made with the Apple ID linked on the device and you will not be charged for downloading the app again as long as you have the password for that Apple ID (or have access to the email associated with that ID so you can reset the password if necessary).  

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