Can't find the settings menu?

Kiosk Pro's settings are not available through the iOS Settings menu. App settings can be controlled through in-app settings and/or through the Remote Settings Control feature.

If the app is opening directly to your set Homepage, your settings have most likely been changed so that 'Show Settings' is no longer set to 'On App Launch'.

If set to 'On Touch Gesture and Passcode', you can try to open the settings while your presentation is running by touching each of the four corners of the screen at once until the passcode prompt appears.

If set to 'Never', or if you don't know the passcode and you do not have Remote Settings Control configured, you will need to delete the app and re-install to make changes to the settings. iTunes will have a record of your purchase so as long as you know the Apple ID and password that was used for the initial purchase, you should not be charged again for the download.

Currently in the traditional settings menu, you can still find the version of the app that's installed and the Unique iPad ID set in the app's settings for basic identification, but neither is editable from this screen.

As the platform has grown, so have our customers' use cases for the app. We believe that restricting access to the settings from the traditional settings menu will make it easier for Kiosk Pro to be used for content sharing in situations where the device may not be in an enclosure, like sales presentations or training materials.

If you'd like to get summaries of the changes we make in each update on iTunes, you can sign up for our email alerts or you can check the change logs we maintain for each version of the app.

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