Geolocation & Motion Detection Settings

Kiosk Pro must be granted Locations permissions through the iOS operating system to successfully run any of the following - more information on granting app permissions is available here


JavaScript API Documentation

HTML5 Geolocation

Check Location Coordinates

You can access the location coordinates of the device through a JavaScript API call or though a JavaScript variable that Kiosk Pro inserts in your page. This setting allows you define when location checks occur, which can affect the amount of power your kiosk uses.

Location coordinates are requested from the iOS operating system. Depending available services, iOS Location Services uses a combination of cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth signals to determine your location. If using a device equipped with GPS, specifically iPads with a cellular data plan and iPhones, these signals will also be used, providing more accurate location data.


  • On JavaScript API Request Only (default)
  • On App Launch & On JavaScript API Request - for a stationary kiosk, defining this variable once when the app is launched may be sufficient and will help prevent battery drain from regular location querying. Additional location checks can be triggered as needed through the JavaScript API.
  • Continuously & On JavaScript API Request - queries and returns new location data once a minute and on demand through the JavaScript API.

Please note for both 'On App Launch' and 'Continuously' options, an iOS alert will appear immediately after launch requesting permission to access Location Services. You must grant this permission for the app to be able to access and return location data. In 'On JavaScript API Request Only' mode, the permission request will only be triggered after the initial JavaScript call is triggered.

In 'Continuously' mode, Kiosk Pro supports a special callback, which will notify your .html page when a change in current location occurs.  If more frequent location checks are required, you can use our JavaScript API to trigger a location check at any time.

As this inserted variable does not directly interact with the iOS, you are able to access the variable when the iPad has a connection to the internet when accessing the JavaScript API by injection, although the variable may not be available at the onload event (see Access: API Availability).

Documentation and sample code demonstrating the location variable and callback is available in the  Access: Location article.

Accelerometer Sensitivity

This feature allows Kiosk Pro to detect when the iPad is moved based on the iPad's accelerometer. This can be set for different levels of sensitivity from 'Very Low' to 'Very High'. The degree of sensitivity required will depend on your use case and the type of enclosure you select.


  • Very High
  • High (default)
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Very Low

This motion detection can be used to trigger an email alerting you that the iPad has been moved or can be used in conjunction with the Remote Management Server available for our Plus & Enterprise versions to trigger an alarm in case the movement was triggered by theft of the device. Both triggers must be configured further in app settings.

Note: These alarms are dependent on Kiosk Pro running and will not be sent once the app has been exited or if signal is lost.

Motion Detection Reset Period

This reset period allows you to control how long the iPad should wait after the accelerometer is triggered and an email is sent to internally clear the alarm and begin monitoring for a new motion event.

Default: 1

As Kiosk Pro will send an email each time a new motion event is triggered after the alarm is cleared, you can extend this period to reduce the number of emails sent or reduce it for finer-grained reporting.

As an example, let's say you set the reset period to 5 minutes. Once your iPad kiosk has been deployed, it will constantly monitor for movement. If it gets tipped over, the accelerometer will immediately trigger an email to the configured user. After the five minute period that you set elapses, Kiosk Pro will begin monitoring for movement again. If the iPad is still moving at this time, another email will be generated and the five minute timer restarted to begin the process again.

Retaining HTML5 Geolocation Permissions

Added in 9.3

By default in iOS, requests to HTML5's Geolocation API always generate a new permission request alert. Kiosk Pro can now automatically intercept requests to this API and respond directly using the initial Location permission granted to the app, preventing visitors from needing to respond for each request.  If app level permissions have not been granted previously, the app will request these permissions and store the result. 

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