Show Navigation Bar

This setting controls whether the navigation bar is shown.  Depending on the version of the app you are using and the functionality you enable, different elements will be shown on the bar - the default view of the navigation bar is shown here: 

Available Functions & Links

The previous and next icons allow visitors to move within the navigation history of their session, as in a standard web browser. The home icon returns the visitor to the Homepage configured in Kiosk Pro's settings.   

In Basic, Plus & Enterprise, the navigation bar can also contain the PDF Multipage Icon, the Print Icon, and/or up to six Quick Links if enabled.  

In Plus and Enterprise, the previous, next, and home icons can be toggled on or off individually.   In Enterprise, the navigation can also be used to display a Volume Slider and/or Headphone Switch for additional audio controls. 

Elements are grouped into: 

  • navigation elements, including the previous icon, the next icon, and the PDF multipage icon (if enabled).  These are positioned on the left side of the bar.
  • Quick Links (if enabled), which are positioned at the center of the bar.
  • action elements, including the print icon (if enabled), any audio controls (if enabled), and the home icon. These are positioned on the right side of the bar.

Appearance & Customization

In Basic, Plus & Enterprise, the color of the icons and the color of the navigation bar can both be customized to better fit with your content and branding. 

In Plus and Enterprise, the navigation bar can also be shifted to the top of the screen to prevent accidental activation during handheld use. Shifting the bar to the top of the screen reverses the position of all icon elements. 

In Lite & Basic

Kiosk Pro Lite and Basic

In the Lite and Basic versions, this setting is a single toggle to show/hide the navigation bar.

Default: On

Values for Remote Settings Control

Key for Standard Navigation Bar showNavigationBar
Key Type boolean
Default Value true

In Plus & Enterprise

Kiosk Pro Plus and Enterprise

In Plus and Enterprise, you can toggle the navigation bar depending on the type of content being shown. You can also choose whether to show it for remote content or content stored locally for each type of file.

This adds more flexibility for users who prefer not to use the navigation bar for their main content, but need a way for visitors to exit from PDFs or other files that may not always contain their own navigation systems.

Default: all are turned On

It is also possible to override the standard settings by integrating our JavaScript API.

Standard Web Browser

Includes .html and other traditional web file types such as .php and .aspx. If a file type is not specifically defined in one of the categories below, it will be included in the standard web browser category.

PDF Files

Includes only .pdf files.

Presentation Files

Includes PowerPoint and Keynote files (.ppt, .pptx, .key).

Document Files

Includes Word, Excel and basic text files (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, and .txt).

Multimedia Files

Includes all unembedded audio, video, and image files. This means that a link directly to an .mp4 video file would be included, but to an .html file with an embedded .mp4 video would not.

New Tab or Window

Includes pages opened as a new tab or new window, either via a "target=blank" attribute in HTML or via JavaScript.

Values for Remote Settings Control & Managed App Configuration

Key for Standard Web Browser > Local Content showWebBrowserNavigationBarLocal
Key for Standard Web Browser > Remote Content showWebBrowserNavigationBarRemote
Key for PDF Files > Local Content showPdfFilesNavigationBarLocal
Key for PDF Files > Remote Content showPdfFilesNavigationBarRemote
Key for Presentation Files > Local Content showPresentationFilesNavigationBarLocal
Key for Presentation Files > Remote Content showPresentationFilesNavigationBarRemote
Key for Document Files > Local Content showDocumentFilesNavigationBarLocal
Key for Document Files > Remote Content showDocumentFilesNavigationBarRemote
Key for Multimedia Files > Local Content showMultimediaFilesNavigationBarLocal
Key for Multimedia Files > Remote Content showMultimediaFilesNavigationBarRemote
Key Type boolean
Default Value true

Change Log

  • Lite & Basic: Included in version 1.0
  • Plus & Enterprise: 'Show With' functionality added in version 2.0. Updated in version 7.5 to distinguish between remote or local content.
  • Lite, Basic, Plus & Enterprise: Revised the layout of the app’s standard navigation bar with the PDF multi-page icon shifting to the left of the bar with other navigational elements in version 11.0.

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