API: Clear Data

These API calls allow you to clear the cache, cookies & session storage, and/or local storage manually through JavaScript, without using the Kiosk Pro app settings and returning to the homepage.


Kiosk Pro Plus and Enterprise

  • Integration of our JavaScript API into your webpage
    • Sample code to run within the app and download for integration into your own project is available here.
    • Best practices for working with the JavaScript API are available here.
  • App Settings
    • Content > JavaScript API > Access JavaScript API = By Import

Triggers via API Functions

Clear Cache

This function clears the cache within Kiosk Pro.


Clear Local Storage

This function clears HTML5 local storage within Kiosk Pro.


Clear Cookies & Session Storage

This function clears any cookies & session storage within Kiosk Pro. Any cookies which are set to be retained through Retain Cookies On in the app's settings will not be cleared.


Sample Code

  • This sample code relies on the JavaScript APIs built into Kiosk Pro and will not run successfully in other browsers or within our in-app help interface.
  • To run sample code, set the app's homepage to kioskgroup.com/clear-data-api
  • To download a .zip of sample code, click here.

Change Log

  • Added in version 5.0. Ability to clear HTML5 local storage added in version 8.5.

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