Clear Cookies & Session Storage On Content Refresh

Supported In:

Kiosk Pro Basic, Plus and Enterprise

Clear any cookies and HTML session storage set by a site at the end of a visitor session. This includes text copied to the clipboard. On the majority of sites, this will close any open sessions and clear any login data and/or e-commerce carts.

Cookies are text files with small pieces of data — like a username and password — that are used by websites to identify a specific user or computer. Sites generally use cookies to manage logins and/or carts across multiple page views. HTML session storage is similar in that it is generally designed to be discarded when a session is over.

Note: When data clearing settings are turned off, Kiosk Pro is not able to guarantee that cache will be saved.

Default: Off

This setting is triggered when:

  • the Idle Time Limit is executed
  • the Refresh Homepage timer is executed
  • a visitor taps the Home icon in the Navigation Bar
  • ‘kiosk://home’ is called
  • the JavaScript API is used to trigger the idle timer

In addition, when Clear Data on Relaunch & Remote Update is turned on, cookies will be cleared regardless of this setting when:

  • the app is exited and relaunched
  • a remote update of settings and/or content occurs

In circumstances where the visitor taps a standard link that returns to the homepage or navigates back to the homepage using the Back icon in the navigation bar, the app will not immediately clear cookies, but instead will wait for one of the actions outlined above.

If cookies need to be retained on a specific domain, but cleared on others, you can exclude domains using the Retain Cookies On setting.

Values for Remote Settings Control & Managed App Configuration

Key clearCookies
Key Type boolean
Default Value false

Change Log

  • Added in version 2.0. Added the ability to also clear any HTML5 session storage created by a site in version 8.5

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