Trigger API: What's Included?

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Our Trigger APIs allow you to trigger specific kiosk functions (like the Idle Time Limit) through custom JavaScript calls.

Trigger form submission after autofilling a username & password

These JavaScript API callbacks allow you to verify that Kiosk Pro successfully autofilled a username & password pair for a specific URL and can also be used to immediately trigger submission after a form is autofilled.

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Clear cache &/or cookies

These custom functions allow you to clear the cache, cookies, or both manually through JavaScript, separately from Kiosk Pro settings and returning to the homepage.

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Delay refresh after remote update

This JavaScript API allows you to delay refresh of the homepage when a remote content or settings update is downloaded and would otherwise be applied immediately.

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Check the status of Dropbox sync

These JavaScript files work with our Dropbox integration to allows you to check the status of sync operations (and will trigger a sync if one is needed) and also to track the progress of current sync operations.

As the kiosk is designed to refresh after new content is synced to the device so as to display any new content, you may not see the sync did finish event in our code demo.

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Manage local files

These custom functions allow you to check to see if a file exists in the Kiosk Pro Documents folder and also to delete files.

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Call the idle timer

This section of the API includes functions which allow you to pause the idle timer (for example, while a visitor is watching a video and would not be expected to interact with the screen) and also to trigger the idle timer manually at any time.

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Prompt the device to read text out loud

Improve accessibility by allowing visitors to prompt the device to speak text strings. Optional parameters allow you to define the desired language and region of the voice used, as well as voice quality, volume, pitch, rate and timing.

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