Webpage isn't loading or displaying correctly in Kiosk Pro?

The first place we start when troubleshooting problems with sites being displayed in Kiosk Pro is checking to make sure that the page is not being blocked through the 'Allowed Domains' and 'Restricted Domains' settings.

The Blocked URL Log allows you to easily check to see if a specific page is being blocked by showing all web addresses that have been blocked in the past 24 hours.

Some sites use automatic redirects which are screened by the Allowed Domains list as well; by checking the Blocked URL Log, you can see if and how the page is redirected and then make the appropriate additions to the Allowed Domains list.

If the page is serving individual pieces of content (like a video or an advertisement) on the page from another domain and these are being blocked, these urls will also be shown in the Blocked URL Log. You can either add the necessary domains to the Allowed Domains list or turn of screening of embedded content through the setting ' Apply Restrictions to Embedded Content' (available in the Pro and Plus versions).

If the page does not appear in the Blocked URL Log and is still not loading correctly, we recommend testing the page in the mobile Safari app on the same device to make sure that your and that there are no external issues that are preventing the content from loading, such as:

If the content is being stored locally on the device, you can check to make sure that it has transferred and is in the correct location by going to the Local File Directory setting in Kiosk Pro to see a list of locally stored files. Make sure that the filepath to your homepage matches what is shown in this list.

If you continue to see problems displaying specific content after following these steps, just let us know and we'll be happy to help you troubleshoot further.

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