Printing: General Settings


Show Print Icon

This toggle allows you to control whether to show the print icon in the Navigation Bar if printing is enabled for the device.

Default: Off

For our Basic and Plus versions, this icon works with any connected AriPrint-compatible printer. As of version 6.3 of Enterprise, the print icon can be used with AirPrint, Star Micronics, and Custom America printers, depending which is toggled on and connected.

It is possible to turn off the icon and only allow printing through JavaScript window.print() buttons embedded within your content. This approach gives you more flexibility to determine which pages of content should be printable and also more options for styling your own print button.

Allowed Domains for Printing

This setting allows you to define a list of sites/pages the app should show the print icon in the Navigation Bar and allow JavaScript print requests. Printing will not be available on sites/pages that are not included in this list.

Links are defined in the same way as the main Allowed Domains setting, where you can find examples.

Blocked Print Icon Log

This setting shows a table of URLs where the print icon has not been shown in the last 24 hours, allowing you to more easily troubleshoot when setting up the Allowed Domains for Printing.

When a URL is selected from the table, you can choose to add it to the pasteboard or automatically add it to your ‘Allowed Domains’ list. You can clear the entire log by tapping the "Clear" button in the bottom left corner.

The table can be exported to a .csv file into the Kiosk Pro Documents folder on the iPad by selecting ‘Export’ from the top right corner. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to retrieve the file.

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