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This mode allows your visitors to print content from your kiosk to your Airprint-enabled printer.

Default: Off

When the print setting is enabled, your visitors can print through a print button that will come up on the Navigation Bar (if 'Show Print Icon' is enabled) or through a JavaScript call.

The built-in JavaScript call that can be used instead of printing from the Navigation Bar icon is window.print(), which also calls the print dialog box.

More information about Airprint-enabled printers currently available can be found here.

Print Mode

This setting lets you choose whether to show the standard iOS printing dialog, or to send a print request automatically.

Default: Standard Dialog
  • Standard Dialog - This option presents the standard iOS printing dialog when a visitor tries to print. You have the option of allowing visitors to set the number of copies and page range in this dialog from the Standard Print Mode settings.
  • Automatic Kiosk - This option is only available in our Enterprise version. It will send a print request immediately to the printer of your choice without a print dialog being shown to the visitor. You can configure these settings from the Automatic Kiosk Print Mode settings.

The first time you print after enabling ‘Automatic Kiosk Print Mode’ the device will attempt to contact all available AirPrint-enabled printers and display a list, allowing you to select which printer will be used as the default for print requests. This can be reset under Automatic Kiosk Print Mode settings.

If you are using 'Automatic Kiosk Print Mode', you will also have access to JavaScript API calls allowing you to check the status of the default printer - more information on this is available here

Print Quality

This setting allows you to choose the quality of printing from the app, which can affect both the speed of printing and the amount of ink or toner used.


  • Standard (default) - specifies that the printed content consists of mixed text, graphics, and images. Output is normal quality.
  • Photo - specifies that the printed content consists of black-and-white or color images. Output is high quality.
  • Grayscale - specifies that the printed content is grayscale. Set the output type to this value when your printable content contains no color—for example, black text only. Output is grayscale quality.

Print Orientation

Added in 9.2.1

This setting allows you to choose the orientation your page should print in, either landscape or portrait. This setting does not apply to PDF files - PDFs will print in the orientation they are created.

  • Landscape
  • Portrait (default)

Standard Dialog Print Mode Settings

Allow Visitor to Set Number of Copies

This setting allows visitors to choose the number of copies to print.

Allow Visitor to Set Page Range

This setting allows visitors to set a page range to print, as long as the number of pages available for printing is greater than 1.

Automatic Kiosk Print Mode Settings

Number of Copies

This setting allows you to set the number of copies of the page to print automatically. If this setting is not set to >0, Kiosk Pro will print 1 copy.

Minimum Interval between Print Requests

This setting allows you to set an interval between print requests and is designed to prevent a visitor from accidentally issuing multiple print requests for a single document.

When a print request occurs, a timer starts and all print requests made for the set amount of seconds are ignored.

Success Alert Text

This message will appear to let your visitors know that a print request has been confirmed. The default alert is: “Printing…”

If your printer is not right next to your device, you may want to include instructions on where the visitor can pick up their printed document.

Single Print Request per Pageview

When enabled, this setting will prevent visitors from printing more than once per pageview.

Blocked Print Request Alert

This alert will display when a printing request is blocked by either the ‘Single Print Request per PageView’ or the ‘Minimum Interval between Print Requests’ features.

The default alert is: “You have reached the maximum number of print requests. If you are having problems with printing, please let our staff know.”

If this field is left blank, no alert will be shown.

Alert Duration

This duration is the amount of time the ‘Success’ and ‘Blocked Print Request’ alerts will appear on screen before disappearing automatically.

Reset Default Printer

This setting displays the printer Kiosk Pro is currently connected to, and allows you to reset the default printer.

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