Retain Cookies

Supported In:

Kiosk Pro Plus and Enterprise

Retain cookies for specific sites and/or pages when cookies are cleared through Clear Cookies & Session Storage on Content Refresh, Clear Data on Relaunch and Remote Update, or a call to our JavaScript API to clear cookies.

Default: [empty]

See Allowed Domains for instructions on how to add URLs to this list, URL format match examples, and wildcard support.

Note: Cookies have expiration dates associated with them that cannot be overridden by the app. We recommend using the app’s Autofill feature to re-initiate a cookie if it expires or manually clearing and re-initiating cookies on a regular basis as determined by the expiration length of the cookie(s) in question.

Values for Remote Settings Control & Managed App Configuration

Key kp_retainCookiesOn
Key Type string
Default Value (blank)

Change Log

  • Added in version 9.5

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