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A general iPad volume control setting is included for users who might need to adjust the volume of the iPad without wanting to remove the iPad from an enclosure to access the physical volume controls. As Apple does not currently provide any way for this global setting to be adjusted via an app's .plist settings, this volume control cannot be regulated remotely as part of the remote update of settings.

In Kiosk Pro Enterprise

Please see  Audio Output & Volume Settings

Control Brightness in Kiosk Pro

This setting allows you to control screen brightness inside Kiosk Pro from within the app settings or remotely through Remote Settings Control or Managed App Configuration.   

Default: On

When enabled and the app is exited, Kiosk Pro will restore the previous system brightness level, effectively giving you separate brightness levels for the system and Kiosk Pro.  Controlling brightness within Kiosk Pro overrides all system brightness changes, including Auto-Brightness.

If disabled, Kiosk Pro will use the system brightness at all times, allowing you to control brightness through iOS/iPadOS’s Control Center or system Settings. 

This toggle does not affect the app’s Power Management features relating to screen brightness, such as ‘Reduce Screen Brightness’.

Brightness Level

This setting allows you to set the screen brightness level used in Kiosk Pro if 'Control Brightness in Kiosk Pro' is enabled.

Default: 75%


Auto-Brightness is a system feature and current behavior may change with updates to iOS/iPadOS.  If 'Control Brightness in Kiosk Pro' is disabled and the system Auto-Brightness toggle is turned on, the screen will remain at a set brightness level until:

  • the brightness is changed manually in Control Center
  • Auto-Brightness is turned off and back on
  • the screen is turned off and back on
  • a change in ambient light level is detected

One exception to the above appears to be that changes in ambient light levels do not trigger a change if the brightness is set to maximum (100%).

If the device is inside an enclosure that covers the light sensors, that would prevent the final condition from triggering at lower percentages as long as the brightness was set after the device was installed in the enclosure.

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