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The URL or filepath entered in this setting will display in the content window upon running Kiosk Pro. It is used as the default starting point for visitors and when the app idle times out or the visitor taps the home icon in the bottom navigation, the app loads this page.


URL Format Examples


Local File Format Examples

  • index.html
  • example.pdf
  • folder/example.pdf (if your homepage is not located in the main Kiosk Pro documents folder, you must include the path to the file)

The local file system for iOS devices is case sensitive. Whenever you work with filenames, be sure that the case matches exactly or Kiosk Pro may be unable to open or access the file. Filenames and paths also cannot include un-encoded spaces, so the easiest way to make sure that there are no issues with this is to simply delete any spaces from the file or folder names before moving the files to your server or your iOS device.

Note: The use of local files is available in Basic, Plus, and Enterprise and is discussed in more depth in Local Mode below.

Local File Directory

This setting will show you a list of locally stored files and their file paths relative to Kiosk Pro's Documents folder. Tap the file you want to use and choose Set as Homepage or Set As Screensaver (Screensaver only available in Plus & Enterprise).

To view local files on the iPad through Kiosk Pro, you must transfer your files to Kiosk Pro's folder on the iPad. Apps are "sandboxed" by Apple, which means that an app can only access files stored in its own folder - this is done for security purposes and also so that a problem with one app won't affect others running on the device, but means that Kiosk Pro can't open files located outside its own folder.

To transfer files onto your iPad, you can use iTunes or a third-party software like iMazing. Steps to use each program are outlined here.

Once your files are stored in the Kiosk Pro documents folder, set your Homepage to one of the local files. No other changes in Kiosk Pro are required to run your kiosk locally.

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